The first bridle to be based on scientific research and proven to

*reduce pressure by up to 84% 

*reduce force by up to 77% 

*allows greater forelimb extension 

*increases knee and hock flexion

You've probably read all this before.  In our own words, Fairfax have worked to reduce the pressure points on the bridle and make it feel stable on the horse.  In addition it is clear to Fairfax that the horse likes the symmetry of a correctly fitted bridle.  We stopped selling individual bridle numbers for competition for this very reason.  And when we fit a Fairfax correctly, none of the straps need to be tight.  Our horses all go better and are happier in them

So we want to share with you some of the process that goes in to fitting a Fairfax Bridle so that you feel confident to take the plunge if you are on the fence!

Here's our best-selling snaffle bridle that shows a classic fitting which we would like to go over with you.

*the buckles are at the same level, in line with the eye 

*the browband is screwed into place for stability 

*the headpiece is large enough to give plenty of room around the ears 

*the back straps of the noseband are hanging as close to vertical as possible, making a square around the bit ring

This cavesson has a thick padding over the bones of the nose.  Next to this are clear gaps - you can feel the air!  Another text book fitting of a Fairfax snaffle bridle

So what we do first is send you out a list of some basic measurements we need to take and they you can leave the rest to us!  We'll make up the bridle and then when you receive it we ask that you put it on and take photographs of each side and the front so that we can double check.  We can always send you out different sized parts to make your bridle perfect

Last but not least - choose this leather cleaner that is recommended by Fairfax

Girths - the secret weapon of our London 2012 Olympic team!  Available in leather or prolite.  Choose from standard or narrow guage.  A word of advice.  Fairfax encourage the longest girth possible - and also the standard width.  They developed the narrow guage because of the style of warmbloods that have been bred over the last 10 years

Did we mention the amazing riders that choose Fairfax?  The list is LONG but here are a few ... 

*Gareth Hughes has been riding in Fairfax for over 8 years and helped designed the 'Gareth' saddle 

*Charlotte Dujardin is the newest ambassador - she rides in the World Class Monoflap which she helped to design 

* Spencer Wilton and his gorgeous Super Nova.  He's wearing the personalised headcollar from Fairfax 

*Rebecca Hughes rides in the 'Rebecca' saddle

Breast Plates available in black or brown

Martingale available in black or brown

For help with the fitting process please in the first instance email and we'll start the process for you

Marsha, Lizzie and Julia
Classic Dressage Bridle Fitting Team

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