We understand that the dressage stakes just keep getting higher – and the pressure continually mounts. Give yourself the edge and start using this Wireless Communication System produced by WHIS in the Netherlands and used by our very own champion Charlotte Dujardin.

Wireless Communication for rider/trainer
The choice of Charlotte Dujardin

The unit allows your trainer to communicate privately with you while you are warming up at events – and if you choose the new two-way unit – the rider can talk back at their trainer. This could make all the difference to your performance and ultimately your scores. Lightweight, small, easy to use.

Here's a guide to the units - with troubleshooting details at the end

WHIS Competition - Two Way - £265

  • Private connection for each unit - no shared channels
  • Can be used for replying or listening only
  • Ready to use - just switch on and go
  • Range of 100m guaranteed
  • 2 year warranty
  • Add the 'wireless' to your existing unit for £89 (one way)
  • Rechargeable battery - 10 hours use
  • Available in Black, Royal Blue and Pink

WHIS Competition - Wireless One Way - £245

  • Compatible with the transmitter of the Competition Two Way
  • This device only has a listening function
  • Range of 200m guaranteed
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Ready to use - just switch on and go
  • Rechargeable battery - 10 hours use

WHIS Original - One Way - £225

  • Only the instructor can talk - rider unit is listening only
  • Range of 300m guaranteed
  • Buy up to 20 rider units to use simultaneously
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Ready to use - just switch on and go
  • Rechargeable battery - 10 hours use
  • Available in Black, White, Red, Orange, Royal Blue, Navy

Our most asked questions!

1.  Q:   How do I adjust the volume? A: On the Competition, the volume is on the side of the unit. On the Original, the volume is on the front - and you can only adjust the rider unit. Press the + button and the number on the right will turn into the volume control. 

2.  Q:   I can't find the right channel to use on my 'Original'  A: The numbers on the RIGHT on your screen are the channel and have to be the same!  Press and hold the 'lock' button until the word 'set' comes on screen.  Use the + and - buttons to change the channel.  

3.  Q:   Will I ever have to change the channel on my Original?   A:  There are 13 possible channels.  If someone in the close vicinity is using a similar unit you might get interference.  Change your channel!

4.  Q:  What are the numbers on the left of the screen on my Original?  A:  They are 'noise reduction' settings.  WHIS recommend 3 on the Instructor and 1 on the Rider unit.  

5.  Q: My WHIS unit won't charge   A:  Be careful when putting the charging jack into the socket - it's not robust enough to be too firm with.  If this breaks we will have to get it mended for you.

6.  Q: I've had my WHIS for a year and I can't hear my instructor   A: The accessories (microphones and earpieces) are guaranteed for 6 months. They're easy to replace - we have them on our website here https://classicdressage.com/collections/whis-wireless-communication-sets 



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