Julia Hornig.  After a 17 year career trading in the city managing Classic Dressage is equally rewarding!  Julia rides and drives marketing for Classic Dressage and has worked with Rebecca Hughes for nearly 25 years.

Rebecca Hughes - International GP Rider Trainer.  Specialist in sourcing and producing young horses to achieve their potential.  Trains with her husband Gareth and Carl Hester.


Marsha Webb – Rider, Trainer and Shop Manager.  Has trained and competed to Small Tour (International). Trains with Rebecca Hughes and Charlotte Dujardin.   Available for teaching and will travel.  Centre10 training in psychology/mental performance.


Alana Smith – Yard Manager.  Employed by Classic Dressage since 2011.  Specialist in managing and training young horses


Beau Williams - Rider for Classic Dressage.  Beau is an International Junior Rider and is trained by Rebecca Hughes.  


Grant Chanter - Equine Dentist


Anne Sread Chartered Physiotherapist


Terry Horgan MVB MRCVS 

Robrecht Cnockaert - British Equestrian Showjumping Team Vet